Windows 8 32 Bit

A completely redesigned operating system with a slick new user interface and touch-friendly navigation

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Windows 8 32 Bit
Windows 8 32 Bit

Windows 8 is an operating system from Microsoft that steps into the world of tablets and mobile touchscreen devices. It has a number of new features added since Windows 7, and it runs faster. The interface is optimized for touchscreen devices, and there are several dedicated apps built-in.

There are four versions of Windows 8, and each is designed for a different sect of user. The versions include Home, Business, Pro, and Enterprise.

In this version of Windows, you'll have access to Windows Store Apps that have been designed for tablet utility. Using Snap mode, you can simultaneously run two apps on the same large display. Pre-installed apps include Windows Media Player, Camera, Calendar, Mail, and a dedicated photo album.

Internet Explorer 10 is also pre-installed. To make full control on the touchscreen interface easier, functions like Task Manager and Windows Explorer have been revamped for gesture control. There's also a System Restore function that will reset the OS to its default state. You can also select to reinstall the OS while keeping all your settings and downloaded apps.

You'll get Windows Media Center with Windows 8 as well. The new encryption system for files is superb, and you'll get Windows Remote Desktop Server. With all these tools, you can take advantage of virtual computers, full BitLocker encryption, and easy connection to domains with Windows systems.

Home users who want to test out Windows 8 Enterprise can do so for 90 days with the available ISO file. It's meant to give developers a sense of the capabilities of the system, but anyone can try it.

This operating system is designed primarily for use with touchscreen devices. A quick tap of the screen will get you started with Windows Store Apps, and you can set tiles to see social networking news, emails, weather, and more. If you want to go back to a traditional desktop format, you can do so by swiping your finger or pressing the dedicated Windows button. If you're using a tablet or other device without a physical keyboard, the operating system provides a digital on-screen keyboard.

While many users will instantly recognize the traditional desktop layout, the new UI designed for touchscreen systems is unique and may take some time to learn. The tile navigation system is fairly intuitive, and there are more subtle changes under the hood. Higher performance is now possible thanks to the streamlined file system.

Windows 8 completely changes the way the famous OS deals with devices. It was built to use fewer system resources, so it runs faster and allows for more multitasking. Once you get accustomed to the new UI, you'll be surprised how much you enjoy using Windows 8. This is an excellent transitioning tool for users who are wary of abandoning their desktop.


  • Sharp Contemporary Design
  • Exceptionally Stable
  • Native Metro Apps
  • Supports Desktop Apps
  • Appealing UI


  • Optimized Only For Touch-Screens
  • Requires Adjustment Period For Metro UI

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows to be released by its head company, Microsoft. Although there have been many different versions of Windows leading up to the development and launch of Windows 8, there has never been quite a visual change that is causing a stir surrounding Windows 8.

Who Can Benefit Most From Windows 8?

Whether you're interested in catching up with relatives, video-conferencing for work or if you simply enjoy gaming, Windows 8 offers plenty for anyone who enjoys using the computer and browsing the Internet. Using Windows 8 is recommended if you need a new platform to manage digital feeds, applications and software you use daily.

Pros of Windows 8

Windows 8 offers a visually stunning user design interface, allowing you to instantly view your favorite programs, RSS feeds and applications all on one screen. The loading screen of Windows 8 provides an unlimited amount of space, where you can instantly drag and drop icons and buttons you want to keep within the start screen itself.

It is also possible to quickly access the traditional Windows desktop by simply selecting the "desktop" icon, located toward the bottom left of the default Windows start-up screen.

Windows 8 also gives users more customizing options, ranging from customizing your start-up theme with different colors and designs, to a new interface when selecting the wallpaper you want to use for your computer's own background.

With the advent of applications and on-the-go social media, Windows 8 provides a built-in library of applications and programs you can instantly install with the click of your mouse. Whether you are searching for a brand new Notepad program or if you are interested in an application that helps to manage your personal and business finances, you can find an application in the official Windows store. Accessing the Windows store when you are using Windows 8 is simple and can be done from the start-up screen once your computer boots entirely.

When you want to access the start menu of Windows 8 and you are on the desktop, simply move your mouse to the bottom left of the screen. Once a window appears, click it to automatically load the Windows start screen again. Additionally, any windows you leave open from the Windows start menu can be accessed by moving your mouse toward the top left of your screen.

Cons of Windows 8

A major complaint about Windows 8 is the new start-up menu. Many users found it difficult to get accustomed to a new start-up menu rather than viewing their desktop immediately. Additionally, the folder layout of Windows 8 is also new, making it a bit confusing for those who do not have experience with searching for items and using their computer's browser.

Before you choose which version of Windows is right for you, it is important to review the features and your own motivation for investing in the software. Comparing different versions can help to find the right program that fits your wants and needs with an operating system.

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